Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Welcome to the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club. The Club was established in 1977 to share the joy of music playing amongst a friendly group of like-minded music lovers – both players and non-playing enthusiasts. Originally, the focus was on electronic organs but this has evolved over time to keep in touch with the modern idiom where we see keyboards and pianos in vogue. The Club owns a state of the art Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 digital piano. The digital piano allows our acoustic piano enthusiasts to emulate their home instrument but with the added fun of full orchestration and rhythms if they so wish. Additionally, the Club uses a big screen to show the musicians actually playing the keyboard - thus every seat in the house is 'dress circle'. With artists' permission, we also publish on YouTube and our Blog videos of the performances.

The Club publishes a monthly Newsletter with photos and reports on our future programme and past events. This can be sent by post or by email for those with computers.


As can be seen from the header information, the Club meets on the first Tuesday each month at 6.50 pm for a 7.30 pm start at the Takapuna Bowling Club, Bracken Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland. The half hour or so allows for members to set-up their keyboards if bringing with them, and for the other members to settle. We have a member playing the arrival music for this  period for your further enjoyment. The Committee invites members to play on a rotation basis (playing is optional so you don’t have to play if you prefer to be a listener-type member). All members wishing to play an instrument are given the chance every two or three months. Usually, members play two pieces but sometimes more, particularly keyboard players may play 3 or 4 tunes given they have made the effort to bring their keyboard to the meeting. At about 8.30 pm we break for a 20-25 minute tea break - a good time to socialize. The meetings aim to close at 10.00 pm sharp but a few members may be more comfortable leaving about 9.30 pm and this is perfectly in order. Normally, we aim to have an invited guest play for us and this usually fills an hour of the evening’s entertainment. The guests are usually well known musicians in the Auckland area and add a touch of professionalism for the members to enjoy and take inspiration from.


Usually on the third Tuesday, the Club members enjoy visiting the home of one of our members that kindly offer their hospitality for the day. This affords our members the opportunity to try out different instruments in a very informal atmosphere, although playing is not compulsory if you just wish to listen or chat. Members bring a plate for a finger lunch and arrive about 10.30 am and we normally finish about 3.30 pm. Some months we hold our Coffee Days at Lifestyle Villages using their luxurious lounges and cafeteria facilities. These Coffee Days give us very comfortable surroundings and plenty of room for our instruments. We call these days "Community Music Days" rather than Coffee Days.


The Club also takes music out to the Community whereby our members will volunteer to take their keyboards and PA gear along to Community Groups like Age Concert and the Stroke Club to share the joy of music with as broader spectrum of the public as possible. Some of the events can be seen in the Club's postings.


Whilst visitors are most welcome and may visit as often as they wish for those that wish to join the Club the Annual Subscriptions are: $15 individual or $25 for a family. From September through January membership is extended until the end of the following year.